Up, down, left, right

The core of the London College of Communication Postgraduate Shows identity is built using two fonts from a set of custom modular typefaces MuirMcNeil developed for the LCC Summer Shows. The two fonts are overlaid and offset by the same interval in four directions (up/left; down/left; down/right; up/right); in the same colour for external signage and animated graphics, and in overprinted colours on literature. The four offsets create distortion through a change in diagonal stress within the four-line Shows title block, and through movement in animated form.

Colour emphasis is used to signify information in three main areas: the LCC itself, the School of Design and the School of Media, which had separate degree shows running consecutively; LCC – orange; the School of Media – violet; the School of Design – green.

Neon colours were employed to brighten up the outside of the building during the greyest winter days and as a foil to the monochrome metallic colour system used for the Summer Shows identity.

School of Design
School of Media