TypeCon 2016 Animation

Our animation for TypeCon 2016 explores the potential of the modular construction of MuirMcNeil’s TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems in formulating a layered information environment which evokes a glitched LCD display system. In this context, and to adapt the typographic approach used across the static elements of the identity to motion graphics, a set of parameters were defined to regulate the animation process: all movement between frames was restricted to the horizontal axis in integer multiples of the various dot pitches derived from a series of specific scale-related type sizes.

The result is an animation, that is in effect ’frame by frame’ with no inbetweening, which extends the visual language of the identity, emphasising both the structural and textural attributes of the typographic system used throughout.

Paul McNeil to speak at TypeCon:2016

Typography in the Search for Perfect Language
4.10pm, Saturday, August 27

The history of the human endeavour to perfect language by means of design can be traced across many cultures, although most attempts to achieve it have been as quixotic as they are utopian.

In his talk at TypeCon 2016, Paul McNeil will look at the contribution of writing and typography to this quest. Centred on a survey of writing systems that are the product of conscious agency rather than cultural evolution, the talk will cover the many ways in which text has been configured to enhance expression in human communication while continuously adapting to technological changes. It will go on to outline more profound and ambitious interventions, ranging from radical orthographic and linguistic reform programmes to the wild frontier of asemic writing, where the requirement for text to act as a vehicle for language is completely abandoned.

The talk will conclude with an algorithmic framework for the formulation of text, illustrated by a number of speculative projects in the field by students from the MA Contemporary Typographic Media course at the London College of Communication.


London College of Communication

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563)

TypeCon 2016. Inside the ‘Resound’ identity

Some background on our identity design for TypeCon 2016.



Three Six in use – TYPO Labs identity

The identity for the first TYPO Labs font technology conference, an offshoot of TYPO Berlin, has been designed by Alexander Roth for FontFont using MuirMcNeil’s FF ThreeSix 30 type system.

FF ThreeSix

TYPO Labs 2016


TypeCon 2016

MuirMcNeil have been invited by the Society of Typographic Aficionados to design the identity for TypeCon:2016 ‘Resound’ to be held in Seattle, WA, from 24–28 August. Here’s a small preview of our identity design – more to follow soon.

Society of Typographic Aficionados



LCC Postgraduate Shows 2015

The directional offsets used in our identity for LCC Postgraduate Shows 2015 (see below) form the basis of animated GIFs for screen-based applications – the example shown here is for use on LCC’s flat screen information display system.


LCC Postgraduate Shows 2015

External signage, part of our identity for London College of Communication Postgraduate Shows 2015, has just been installed on site at the Elephant & Castle.

The core of the identity is built from two of the bespoke modular typefaces created for LCC Summer Shows, offset by the same interval in four directions (up/left; down/left; down/right; up/right) overlaid in the same colour for external signage (fluorescent orange and white) and in overprinted colours on printed items.

The identity will be featured in full on our site at a later date.

London College of Communication


TwoPoint in use – Russell Haswell

To accompany the poster we designed for Russell Haswell’s Mini-Fest at Cafe Oto, London, we have developed this animated GIF with MuirMcNeil TwoPoint C for use in announcing the event on Twitter.

Russell Haswell
Cafe Oto


ThreeSix in use – 1974 Clock

Designed by Chris Jackson and Nick Kapica, the ‘1974’ clock is made from 3mm ABS with custom 3D printed hands. The numerals 1; 9; 7; 4, which are part of the clock face, use MuirMcNeil’s FF ThreeSix 31. The typeface was chosen by the designers ‘for its geometric clarity and its visual similarity to the CNC cutting paths that informed design development’.

The 1974 clock can be purchased at the Northwards Design store.


TwoPoint in use – The Fitchburg Alphabet

Catherine Griffiths has used MuirMcNeil TwoPoint for her ‘U’ on the front page of the Sentinel & Enterprise (Fitchburg, MA) daily newspaper ‘Alphabet Project’. Curated by artist Anna Schuleit Haber and commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum, the project ran from 13 July – 11 August 2015.

Twenty-six typographers were invited to contribute one original letter each to this project around which daily news and found urban stories are arranged.

Griffiths combined three TwoPoint ‘U’s – the magenta set upright, the yellow tilted one way, cyan the other, with the request that the newspaper avoided printing text over the magenta U.

‘This work of art is a limited-edition, daily experiment that explores visual language systems, the transport of text, and the shaping and meaning of news, both local and non-local. The project spans twenty-six days and highlights art, poetry, and news-stories that appear, not inside the paper but on its front page. The art is the newspaper, and the newspaper is the art.’ Fitchburg Art Museum.

Studio Catherine Griffiths

Fitchburg Art Museum

The U front page_CG